Ralph R. Hernandez for State Assembly

   A NEW VOICE for the State of New York

Ralph's core foundation revolves around a life of public service, from serving this country in the Marine Corps, advocating for students on the Buffalo Board of Education, and helping the local community as a little league football coach. As your State Representative, he intends to continue to serve and make Buffalo and Western New York a safe place by creating laws that will discourage those who choose to commit crimes. 

One of the biggest challenges to our communities has been the introduction of drugs, especially those laced with Fentanyl. Hernandez will introduce legislation making possession of a Fentanyl compound or mixture intended to distribute a Class 1 drug felony with a minimum prison term of 30 years.

Hernandez believes that these laws will prevent the same cycle of crime from happening over and over again. These days, our justice system comes down to committing the crime, getting arrested, getting an early release, and doing it again. We need a better justice system with independent investigative teams who can provide checks and balances in our criminal justice system and expose the misconduct of prosecutors and judges whose loyalty lies with the criminal.

Serving the community not only entails creating punishments for those who seek to harm it, but it also means protecting the most innocent. Ralph strongly opposes CRT in our schools, government, and institutions to protect future generations. He believes we need to get back to the basics in reading, writing, math, and standards of behavior in schools.

"We are facing enormous challenges in a painfully divided country. We have never needed a return to civility, respect, and unity more than we do now. The prejudice and bias we see today are of the heart and soul, not the law. This bipartisan form of politics damages our culture, family relations, and ability to unite for the common good."

Ralph will listen, encourage diverse and meaningful participation in government, ask questions and conduct the people's business honestly, efficiently, and legally.






Ralph has been a community leader in the City of Buffalo for 40 years. You may know him from his unwavering support for students as the Westside Representative and President of the Buffalo Board of Education. Ralph is a retired Marine Corps Sergeant, Vietnam veteran, and Purple Heart recipient. He graduated from Medaille College and is a former Westside little league football coach.

Ralph has received the endorsement of Buffalo Police Benevolent Association, the Erie County Sheriff's Police Benevolent Association, and the Police Conference of New York, Inc. "Earning the support of the men and women in Blue is a true honor, and I look forward to supporting and representing them and our collective interest in Albany."    

The choice is clear. Ralph Hernandez has exemplary leadership and is the most qualified candidate for New York State Assembly.








On Tuesday, November 8, 2022
vote for Ralph R. Hernandez for
New York State Assembly – District 149


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